Photoshoot in the forest

by Benedicte

Two weeks ago Wictoria, Kama and I whent to sognsvann to have our awaited medieval/elvish/hobbit/strange lady in the forest dress photoshoot. I haven’t been in a photoshoot for years so being in front of the camera was a little odd to begin with, but we got some really nice shots in the end, though thanks to Wictoria’s amazing photography skills and perhaps not my impeccable modelling skills (allthough I make a nice elvish lady. No? rude.)

I really wanted to have lake shots, but we struggled quite with the extreme brightness, but with after some time (in the surprisingly cold water) we did manage to get some cool effects (the bottom is my favorite, it’s kind of amazingly creepy). Next time I want to go to the sea (and have a dress with a long train.)  Anyway, on to the photos.

I’ve had fun editing these, they are all in different styles, as I couldn’t decide what kind of editing I liked the best. Thank you Wictoria for taking such nice photos of me~

Dress by: me

Photos by: Wictoria (there will be more at her blog soon, and the ones of Kama as well)

Assistant: Kama

Edited by: me










We atleast had tons of fun and is already planning another shoot, or a dozen to be more correct. I’m currently making a elvish dress for Wictoria and another for myself as well, (a more greek inspired gown.) Can’t wait to finish them~