Oslo Medieval Festival

by Benedicte

Yesterday I went to the annual Medieval festival in Oslo! It was the first time I went and wasen’t sure what to excpect, but I had a good time.

The Medieval Festival started in 1994 and takes place at the historical site, the Medieval Park by the old Church of Mary ruins.

The park was packed with families, young and old, many that where dressed up in beautiful costumes and carried bows and swords, mingling with the actors and musicians.

There was fighting and horseback tournaments, traditional food and a huge market where you could by clothing, jewelry, accesories, trinkets, weapons and snacks.

I wore my dress that I had made for the occation, a dark blue linen gown. It’s not based on something historically correct, I wanted it to be quite simple and I worked a lot on getting the right fit, rater than decorating it, and I’m going to make long sleeves for it later that I can take on and off. Now that I have a perfect fitted pattern, I’m going to make another more detailed dress later this summer~

I went there with Wictoria and Kanae, but met a whole lot of my friends on the festival grounds.


middelalder (39)

I used my mothers old brooch a  pendant, it’s hand-made and around 15-20 years old or something, from the early 90’s when viking-style jewelry was a trend.

The people who worked at the festival were good actors and created  a fun atmosphere with their roles, it’s probably quite amusing to work like that, a big live theater!

I just love those families who show up with everybody dressed up,  I would definitivly bring my future kids here!

This kid knows his swordsmanship!

Wictoria and I will have a proper styled photoshoot with my dress later in the summer~

middelalder (42)

I bought some jewelry pieces at the market. I just love the little bronze orb, the nice lady who sold it owns a jewelry shop in Sweden where they make things based on archaeological findings and she told me it was made from a piece they found in Trondheim. I wan’t to buy a sword or a bow next year. :O I still wish to one day join a archery class or something, it’s fun and is a great exercise~

Haha the police twittered that “we’re wearing our chain mail and brough a small lance with us”  when they had been called out to stop two persons from playing with their bows in the city (probably bought at the festival.)

That ended a fun festival day~ I limped home (two blisters) to edit photos (god I hate taking photos in bright sunlight,) so now I also know how it feels like to walk around in the city alone, barefoot and in costume, fun times, will repeat next year. (not the blister part.)