17th of May

by Benedicte

Yesterday was Norways Constitution day, 17th of May! I celebrated with my friends, and for the first time, in bunad! I’ve inherited my mother’s Vest-Agder bunad, it’s almost 40 years old  now, it’s extra special to wear it since it’s used to be hers.  Camilla and I went to town for a couple of hours, but we were cut short by an insane rain shower that sent people running for cover, including a stranger that suddenly decided that he it was a good idea to seek shelter under my umbrella. xD I didn’t last for long, and we managed to catch the university choir spectacular performance, before heading towards the teater to meet up with another gang to see Herbork Kråkeviks show Kjære Landsmenn.

17mai (2)

After a great show we went back to Martes new house with her housmates and friends for food and games (and a little bit of singing).

All in all it was a very nice day spent with good friends. Just being a little bit sleepier than usual after the 17th of may rush at my placement Heimen. I meant to update about that earlier but i’ve been busy update the seperate university blog, you can read about it here if you want at ->Rosesaum <-