Romania part II

by Benedicte

Second part of our trip.

We stayed in the town Braşov for about three days, visiting the sights nearby.

We caught this amazing folk dance festival with dancers from Romania, Turkey, Poland, Hungary and several other countries. Being slightly over the top interested in folk costumes, this was a visual present!

The next day, Our sightseeing started off with, the castle Bran, which in Stoker’s novel figures as Draculas castle, however I’m am not really sure who actually lived there, but it is now a museum of Queen Marie’s furniture collection and a few costumes.

The dancers were of course here today too.

Next was the castle Sinaia, a most amazing castle!

I want to live here! However there is a down side should you consider moving in.

Bevare of the bears!

We didn’t see any bears, no matter how optimistic I gazed into the forest, hoping for a little bear to roll out from between the trees. Even thought in Romania there’s the highest population of bears. It was probably for the best, I don’t think I would have managed to play dead long enought for it to go away anyways.

The only bear we saw, or former bear perhaps, who proably ended his days as dinner at this restaurant, who sells bear meat. I’ll have my cucumber salad thank you very much.

The last part of our trip went towards the Black Sea and Constanţa. We drove past the big city to a small beach area called Jupiter, consisting off beaches, restaurants, beach shops and a tiny fun fair.

It was not what I would call my kind of place, as my defenition of good times unfortunatly does not involve lying on the beach for hours and hours, day after day, frying in the sun and  being covered in sand. One day is enough for me at the beach. ^^

We spent alomst three days here, but we took evening trips to the bigger areas further to the south and further north, and we also whent back to Constanta the last day while the rest remained at the beach.

We drove all the way to the border of Bulgaria, were ther was a sea of sunflowers in the sunset, and that concludes our journey to Romania. Hope you all enjoyed the photographs.