Romania part I

by Benedicte

A few days ago I returned from Romania with my family, were we had been staying for the last 12 days. My brother’s fiancée’s mother is from Romania and we took the trip with her family too see where she grew up. So our group of 8, drove from Bucuresti, over the transylvanian alps to the town of Brasov,  to Constanta and the Black Sea, and finaly returning back to Bucuresti the last day. (I’m sorry for any misspellings and mixed up names in advance.) Click on the pictures to see them full size!

The first hotel we stayed at was beautiful!

There was a lot of driving on this trip. It is quite exhausting, but then again, you get to see a lot more, and you can stop whenever and wherever you want. We saw a variety of different sceneries, towns and places, and the occasional stork

I found the trip over the mountains to be the most exicting and beautiful, however a bit dizzying with the heights and snaking roads up to the top. There was a lot of tourist shops on the way and now I have more supporting evidence for my housemates to claim I am indeed a representative of the moose population. They did in fact carry quite a a assorted range of furry hats, whichever strikes your fancy.

We stopped by a monastery and we had to wear these thick black garments to cover up our inapropriate tourist gear. However then the people in the monastery  was not reluctant to chat with us, as most tourists pretty much walk straight in withouth bothering to follow the guidelines.

I’d say, therefore  we where in for a stroke of luck. My brothers mother in-law loves to chat with everyone that comes our way,  we we happend to bumb into this munk who showed us around to the place where the munks lives and paints the icons.

It was really the most random thing,  he apparently was the only person on the moastary with the keys to the workshop, and he invited us to come up and see and even eat lunch with the other munks.

He showed us how he painted the pictures and let us photograph in the workshop, he was a most cheerful man and told a lot of jokes. The place was amazingly calm with cats resting in window stills and other monks were looking after the vegetable carden and bees was buzzing in the fruit trees.  After we said our goodbyes we joined the rest and the other tourists back at the monastary entrance.

On the road once again, and we’re stopping by the town Sighișoara where Prince Vlad where born.

As Prince Vlad was the inpsiration to Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, the vampire themes was quite heavy around town, with Vampire restaurants, vampire cafe selling vampire cofee..  The house of Dracula. Quite scary with that bright yellow and flower pots indeed.

I’ll post the last part of our trip tomorrow, hope you are enjoying our journey so far!