Rhapsody in Blue

by Benedicte

Last Thursday I went to a whole new place! Any guesses?


Not to leave you in the dark for too long, I went with my class to America! New York  to be precise.

First impression was that everything was big and noisy, with lots of friendly (and talkative) people!

We stayed at the Herald Square hotel, which was perfect. Central locations, nice staff, big fluffy beds and a free coffee machine! Can’t ask for anything more really.

First thing we did after arriving was to go straig to Empire State building. and they had a King Kong plushie ♥

Since it was a late thursdag evening, there was no queuing! I’m always awestruck by city views, especially at night. It’s like the biggest jewelry box you’ll ever see. The Chrysler building is one of my favorites, love the Art Deco style. The wind was crazy thought, I felt I was going to be thrown over the fence at times. Tallest building I’ve been too so far! I’m not sure if I shall top that by going to Tokyo Sky Tree next year. oO The felt tall enought, kept swaying the rest of the evening.


Friday was the time for sightseeing. Our schedule took us to the garment distric and fashion avenue to visit the fabric shops!

We visited Mood and stayed there for a couple of hours. For those who are not familiar it’s a big fabric shop (seen in Project Runway) they had quite a lot of fabrics, found three fabrics, two for the next project and another just to make a scarf for myself. I was quite hyped up, but it’s just that nothing really beats Japan when it comes to fabrics. Why settle for 3 floors of fabric when you can have 8 floors of awesomeness! xD And you’ll get quality fabrics for a better price there too, still, everything is cheaper than Norway at any point.

There where other shops too, but they where scattered all around and not easy to find on that didn’t have sequin lycra only. xD

After that our teacher had arranged for us to talk to a furrier in his shop.

It was great hearing him talk how his made the fur and who he sold it too. Apparently he had worked and still does, work with huge designers all over the world such as Yves Saint Laurent. And he also makes hats, (He showed us a model he made for Queen Elisabeth and another for Kate Middleton) and the other girls got to try on coats and hats as much as they liked.

Though, I’m not comfortable with fur. Of course  making them is a difficult and intricate job and being in a fashion course where most is obsessing about the wonders of fur from time to time I have to remind my self that I’m against it.



After that we just took a walk around the area and ended up in Times Square. I just love how the police even has a little neon sign. It amused me so much that they were kinda just like I’ve seen on tv, standing at the corners eating donuts from the coffee shop. ^^


Started the day off trying to find the flea marked at Hell’s Kitchen where they had lot’s of lovely stuff. Then we where supposed do visit the designer shops at 5th avenue for inspiration and garment finishing “inspection.”

Plenty of posh stores with interesting window displays. It highly amused me when we went into Michael Kors and one of the staff approached me and announced that he just loved my bag!  Here’s a guy who sells bags to 500 punds, who loves my little River Island one! (and I thought he was going to ask me to leave.) That just made my day.

I love cities  with many contrasts, such as the colourful furry hat seller outseide Armani and  the curches  popping up now an then between the smooth glass skyscrapers.

We reached Central Park but the end of the day, exhaused. Me and Ingvild had a quiet evening just chilling out in the room with snacks and watching Modern Family, while everyone else marveled why we weren’t  going out  being the only ones who actually could do so legally. xD  “When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all what?” Thaks Phil!

Sunday was the day for the Meatpacking district and Soho which was a cool place.

I loved the Highe line. Definetivly my favorite place in New York. I Could have spend half a day there in the serene atmosphere, I’m sure. We had a quick sweep throught China Town after some shopping in Soho. Then I was pretty much fed up with shopping and shops,  so i forced Ingvild to go towards Hudson River for a stroll. Beautiful. I would have loved to see it from the other side too. We walked by the river quite a while to see the sun go down, before taking a cab to time square and catch the Brodway musical Mamma Mia!

When I were on our way home after the show, we were suddenly surrounded by people on Times Square, apparently it was the end of Superbowl. And just when we where there the Giants won, and the crowd burst into excitment, it was incredible, (and a tad scary, what if they had lost, wouldn’t like to see the same guys get upset. xD ) Taxies stopped and jumped out, and the police put they’re sirens on. It was crazy, can’t believe we where there so see it all!


As most of the others wanted to do some more shopping witch I was sick off. So I whent on my own to see Kleinfeld, the bridal store that I’ve been seeing on the show Say Yes to the Dress ( I know, but I can’t help it. xD )  I was quite a walk. (Dear GPS 4 minutes is not the same as 25.) But it was worth just walking and taking in the different parts of the city.  You’ll have to have an appointment to go in thought, It would have been nice to look at the dresses thought and maybe I would have been hit by sudden stroke of luck and they would have taken me to see the people that make the dresses downstairs. 8D

Our teachers wanted us to have a last meal togheter at Hard Rock Cafe before we whent back home.


The last day, we quite impulsive ran off to see Brooklyn Bridge before we were supposed to leave the hotel at 2 O’clock in the afternoon. We didn’t manage to get up to the actual bridge. Everything was cut off because of the Giants parade which started 12 in the afternoon the same day, there was an insane amount of people, it was crazy! Hundreds of people showed up, it was fun to experience the atmosphere of such an event. Then we took a cab back to do some packing, before we had lunch at this wonderful little Korean bakery (Paris bakery) They had the the best cakes, croissans and yummy stuff I haven’t seen since Japan.  (Maybe it was a good thing we didn’t go there everyday…)They had the best strawberry short cake with youghurt cream! And the portions where perfect compared to the humoungus ones we’de seen so far. (Is it a muffin or a house? Can’t really tell.)

We didn’t get to see the statue of liberty, but there was a miniature outside a souvenir shop,  I’ll count that in! no?

That pretty much rounds up our trip to New York, short but intensive. I had a wonderful time, I quite liked it.   I wished we had more time and that I knew someone to take us around to the exiting places, we pretty much didn’t know where to go and we hadn’t had any time to do any research of where to go, but I think we did well.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip~