Next step

by Benedicte

Yesterday our first term ended with our last hand-in, and we can finally start anew along with the year of the dragon.

They sent up lanterns at uni in the evening.

Our new classes dosen’t’ start until next week, but I feel quite exited about it, finally some more sewing. We’re already making choices in what we’ll specialize in 3d or 2d. I chose 3d, can’t imagine anything else. It’ll be exciting to see who else in our class chooses the same option.

I’m currently doing corsetry classes on the side and I’m enjoying it very much. We’ll all make the same basic corset, but we can choose whatever fabric and decorations. I might look for fabric in New York. Can’t believe we’re going next week. :O Haven’t sunk in yet. We’ll have a meeting tomorrow, so then I’ll know more.

We’ve also decorated our kitchen, so instead of dreading to go in there, I quite like it now~





The changes dosen’t look so dramatic in pictures, but the whole feel of the kitchen has gone from cold to varm, so it’s very different to us. I actually want to spend time there now.

and we’re all geeks at the moment. ♥

So cute! Draft stopper, always wondered what those pillows was for. x3

Nothing else going on at the moment, we have a little in-between week right now, only having workshops and essay feedbacks on thursday, which I try not to feel too panicky about. >.<

Anywho, going use this time to fiddle with the Diana Mini Camera, at last~ Expect update about N.Y tomorrow. ♥