by Benedicte

Happy New years everyone, hope you all had a lovely evening~

I had a wonderful night with good company.

a crackling fire.

and yummy food. ^^

Our awesome hosts, Lisa and Oda, even  arranged a “paint 2011”

Group photo by Benny Hernes

For the first time in my life we whent into town to look at the fireworks there.

It turned out to be slightly chaotic at the end, and I think I yelled “I don’t want to die” more than one time.  Ah,  I’m so very found of drunk people with explosives.

Anyhow,  we had a nice view of thel fire works from the oprea house roof.

Yes, I still don’t manage to take pictures in the dark.

Things I’m looking forward to in 2012 so far: 

– First of all the rest of the 2nd season of BBC Sherlock. 8D

– New York trip with Uni in February (Moods :])

– The time around march when I will have stopped writing 2011 on everything

–  Brave from Pixar

–  Finnsihing the 1 year of  Fashion Studies

– Starting 2nd year!

– Michael McIntyre show? (planned)

– The Hobbit!

And any other awesome event that will turn up this year. ^^

I’m planning to:

– keep this journal more updated (yeah, yeah if I had a penny..)

– learning how to use my Diana Mini camera <3

– generally be more productive and especially sew more. (we’re planning a weekly sewing club!)

– language of the year: french


That’s my 2012 so far, sounds good to me!