Gone with the train

by Benedicte

Last weekend I went to Swanage and Corfe with these two awesome ladies! Kiera and Liv!

Swanage is a little town which lies on the opposite side of  Bournemouth, about an hour away.

It’s a real sweet town~ Here’s the art club!

It’s s a quite small town, with lot’s of small shops, alleyways and adorable houses. The amosphere is so calm, and lovely,  I could imagine if I where a writer or and artist, to just come here an live for a while when working.  Apparently this was the inspiration for Noddy’s toy town.

And most of it’s built on a  hill.

After wandering around town for an hour, eating scones and coffee, we wanted to ride a steam train! (and yes the conductor laughed at us while taking this picture)

A real steam train! Meet Eddie~

I loved it! A proper old steam train. We chatted with the conductor for a while, since he thought it was so amuzing that a Norweigan girl, a Danish girl and a Irish girl where on the train to Corfe togheter. xD

It’s almost like taking the Hogwarts express! 8D Exept that everybody is overly exited tourists taking pictures  and locals thinking “Oh God, overly exited tourists taking pictures.”

Finally arriving at Corfe

I love how on the station you can buy books of these trolleys, and there’s old fashioned suitcases on display. That would just have been stolen or brokwn in Oslo. oO

I just love all these small little houses. Just as in Swanage, I would have loved to just live here for a little while.

Corfe Castle~ If anyone remember, we were here on the school trip we had the first week, but I didn’t have the opportunity to go in last time.

It’s supposed to be packed with ghosties.

Corfe castle where a big symbol of power back in the day, a big fortress on the top of a hill. The first stone is supposed to be about 1,000 years old. It was one of the stronges fortresses in the country and it was demolished after the civil war for that very reason.

Nice scenery at the top thought.

Yes, somebody just told me about the miniture effect. Couldn’t let that pass, could I?

And that’s the end of our little trip, It was great to just take a day off and relaxe and put my head of the white shirt project for a while.

I’ll  update about that next tuesday when everythings finnished and I’ll pictures from our planned catwalk show~