Pictures Hooray~

by Benedicte

My first sight arriving at Bournemouth station

aand my room~  Bought the shelfs are Argos, it’s basically like Ikea, except they don’t have anything in the shop, you  just go there and pick things out a ginormous catalog. They have about everything you can think off, then you recive the goods over a counter, it’s feels quite strange, almost like fast food, only fast  interior shopping. oO

it’s quite big,  nice bed, the windows are a bit drafty thought.

our amazing hoover Hetty!

and we have a Harry Potter bathroom, in the cupboard under the stairs!

I like our kithchen, thought it’s the coldest room in the house, it’s very new.

And I will of course continue buying ridicules cute kitchen utsensils.

It’s an ice cream scooper, but it’s a walrus!

And this is our “living room”

And we have a garden!

Neighbouring rooftop

I have a few camups pics, there’ll be more next week, when freshers fair starts.

This is the main square, with all the classrooms and library surrounding it. I just love the library, Imgagine a whole corridor filled with Vouge from 1930 and beyond till today. Everything is art related, you can rent dvd’s, they record fashion programs from television, they  buy dusins of  magazines everytime something new publishes, art and culture history books, illustrations books, and so on and so forth.

Our cafeteria/bar.

This is our class room, as you can see we are first priority of the uni.

nah :p this is our fashion studios, They are big and filled with scary industrial equipment. The teachers all have their offices next to the class room, so you don’t have to go searching for them if you need them.  They seemed really great, they don’t have that  typical “we’ll break you down and build you back up” attitude, they said that they want to see everybodys individual talents, and countinue building our strong sides and develope that to it’s fullest. It was awesome meeting them.

Free student stuff we keep getting. look they have their own aucb candy!

Later today or tomorrow I’ll post pictures from the field trip we took today~