by Benedicte

Finally getting around to update you about my stay in Englad so far. I have arrived and started settling in my new home, it’s working out nicly so far. When arriving on saturday I felt a little like “what have I done, how did I come to be here??” I didn’t really think I’ll manage to stay,  but  as my rooms now looks alittle more homely and cozy, put up some shelfs, a lamp and a mirror, I’ll show you pictures by the end of this week.  I’m so happy my parents stayed behing a couple of days so that they could help me with the furniture and such.

Right now it’s just me and one other of the flat mates living in the house, Sophie, she’s super nice and helps me with everything. The other girl is not moving in just yet, but I’ve met her and she seems really nice as well.  she’s in my class too. I’m so glad I moved into such a pleasant (and quiet) house. x)

I’m not too found of the other habitants of the house. There was a huge spider in the bathtub when I arrived, Sophie had called him Rupert, sadly for him (the spider) I ordered is immediate removal and he was put outside, cruel as it may seem. (I would just have stepped on him.) So yeah, I took the charge of cleaning the whole house, vacuuming and dusting cobwebs, disinfection my entire room. Oh and we found slugs in the cupboards, apparently it’s normal in England, but I freaked of course, and we washed everything. I still think I’ll buy my own kitchen utensils, and keep them a mile away from any wandering slug.

Our house is on the edge of a residental zone, and if we walk a few minutes to the right, you’ll find a small pub,  grocery store, lot’s of take away places, and even more car sellers. (just like Togane xD). If you walk a few minutes to the left, you get to the uni (it’s so close, no more taking the tram for an hour to get to school!) and the if you take the bus  (btw the bus stop is right next to my door, it’s fantastic) about 10 minutes, you’ll in the middle of the city centre, which is wonderful by the way, I’ve only been there once, for like and hour, but I loved it, hundreds of shops, green parks, the pier, cinemas, theatres, and a hot air balloon! 8D

Yesterday was the first day at school, or well orientation for all the international students. I  met a bunch of  super nice people. And the campus! I can’t rant forever about the library or the “big, fat library” as the student ambassador called it, but I’ll just say that it was huge and filled with only art books and magazines. I haven’t taken any pictures yet, so that’s why this post is probably ever so boring, but I’ll get to that part, I need to take photo’s of the campus, it’s so lovely I almost couldn’t believe it.

I’ll see what I can do about the pictures tomorrow or It’ll have to bee on saturday.