Sea of Flowers

by Benedicte

Today after work, Marte and I went to put flowers outside Oslo Cathedral church.

We picked flowers from a meadow near Marte’s  apartment

There was a strange smell of burn rubber the subway station.

It was strange arriving in the city, I had indeed never felt such a atmosphere that met us there before.

There was so many people standing before the church that we couldn’t get near to put our flowers down, but people had started to decorate the whole city centre with roses and lillies. By every three, and every statue there was flowers and candles.

We put our floweres here, by the grass ouside the church.

We only managed a glimpse of the flowers between the hoards of people.

I was awestruck when I saw the fully extent of the flowers on tv, there was so many. I’ve never seen that many flowers before. It was truly an ocean.

Photo borrowed from the Daily Mail.

Video of the Sea of Flowers outside the catheral church of oslo

Apparently 150 000 people had showed up  with roses for the memorial gathering today.

Amazing photo of all the people who gathered.

I have gathered a few pages with images and articles of today here and here and in english here. And here is an article in english of everything that have happened since friday.


“Krig er forakt for liv.
Fred er å skape.
Kast dine krefter inn:
døden skal tape!”