by Benedicte

I have two weeks off from my job this summer, one of them I decided to spend in Barcelona withMarte and Lisa.

I’ve been to other parts of  Spain many times with my family, but I have never been to Barcelona so I was excited to see what differences there may be.

We didn’t plan anything before traveling, so we had not the slightest clue on what we wanted to do. We decided to hop on one of those tourists buses, to see all the sights that the city had to offer. I had a hopless  time with my camera, as I had forgot my polarizing filter at home.

On our day of arrival we recived a really good omen for our trip!

All the happy tourists.

Sagrada famila, the never ending building project, started in 1882.

I had no idea it looked like this on the inside. It was stunning, I can’t say the outside appealed to me, but the inside certainly did. Igot the feeling I was in some fairy tale elf city~ It certainly felt more like a multi-religion house rather than a curch. Hundreds of tourists, yet such a calming atmosphere, and not the usual akward atmosphere I usually find such places to have. If I lived nearby I’d visit all the time. <3

I love stainded glass windows.

I had fun photographing the constuction work, they seemed a little neglected by the tourists

Then we stopped at Park Güell also Gaudi project (and I hadn’t even heard of him before, then suddenly he seemd to be responsible for all Barcelonian architecture. xD)

Construction and restoration seems to be never ending. Glad to see they take care of their heritage.

There was an impressive range of flowers in the park.

Okay fine, proof I was there!

Arc de Triomf build for the Exposición Universal de Barcelona in 1888.

I don’t remember where this was, but I believe it’s the Catalonia National Art Museum/Catalan National Palace.

Inside Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. Also called the gothic cathedral since it lies by the gothic district.

This store was really neat! Funniest thing I saw on this trip! A  medical bottle themed candy store, called Happy Pills. You could buy bottles with a pink cross and fill it with candy, love it! You can find it in the gothic district.

Took a stroll down La Rambla..

But they did sell flowers for all tastes.

You could ride cable cars at the harbor.

More Gaudi houses.

I couln’t believe my eyes when I saw this scene. Should have been closer to the castle!

I’d love to have a huge marked like this back home!

Lisa and Marte enjoying freshly bought food.

You should not be afraid of dog, sitting in this park.

The last day we spent at the beach, which I usually detest, but it was great this time, wasn’t so warm.  Then our three days in Barcelona ended.

It was the most relaxing trip I’ve had! So we could probably have done more, but it was nice to just goof around, sitting on a bench in a park, we planned on going to museums, but we only had so much time.