17th of May Celebration.

by Benedicte

Yesterday we celebrated the Norwegian constitution day! It’s a day for dressing up in you best clothes, head to town and watch the festivities and eat ice cream.

It’s also the day for exotic balloons.

Even I had one  back in the day.

I want the one at the top!

Lot’s of things happening at the city centre.

There’s no good knowing what you’ll bump into.

You can bump into all kinds of people, but fortunately Ionly bumped into Camilla!

and Lisa. These two lovely girls whom I celebrated 17th of may with.

Almost all the schools in Oslo gather and march towards the castle to wave at the Royal family!

Hundreds of kids cheering and waving their flags.

Hundreds of bands are playing at the same time, all good deal of noise, but it’s okay since it’s only once a year this kind of racket move through town.

Russ, who are graduate high school students giving out russecards.


Today’s final destination, the castle!

The king and queen with the prince and princess and their children. Three generations of royalty.

And that was that. Last 17th of may I’ll have in Norway the next three years, odd feeling indeed.