by Benedicte

Last Thursday I traveled to Krakow with my  folk high school friends Helene and Katrine!  Well, Katrine lives there as she’s studying to be a doctor, she’s already in her second year now.

I’ve been there once before last year, but then the weather was so bad that we had to stay inside the whole weekend. This time the weather was excellent and we did a whole lot of sightseeing, marked shopping and enjoying coffee in the sun. Best weekend in ages, Haven’t laughed that much in a long time!

Well, I shall let the pictures do most of the talking.

Helene and Katrine, my awesome travel mates!

Krakow main square is a beautiful place with markeds  and surrounded by cafes, always something going on there.

Right now people are preparing for easter and decorations could be bought at every corner.

Roses made out of wood!

The ultimate tourist simply must take a horse carriage around the square to get the uniqe opportunity to take pictures of other tourists.

Last minute shopping?

We only had one day of rain, even thought it was supposed to rain every day.

That’s just so last year.

This on the other hand, could not be more 2011.

Hip-hop stuff, where you can get stuff, that’s hip-hop..

I wonder where he got his hip-hop stuff from.

Yes, I mess around way too much with photshop.

Wawel, the castle of Krakow. Just big enough, when you thought you could not take another national treasure, you where out!


The dragon of Krakow, it breathes fire and everything.  Now we know what kind of statue to put up next in Oslo!

A Kodama? oO Until I can get a reasonable explanation of what this is, I’ll just assume that Princess Monoke is a huge hit in Poland.

Is this what I think it is!? A huge purple bunny? 8O

It was.

Somebody is complaining they got less cream on their cocoa..

Things I bought! I’ve been looking for scarfs back home, but found no one,  but in Krakow they had plenty And I finnaly got a new walllet and new shoes. I love having a job. :3

So now my feet’s hurting and my wallet is empty, I had a great time, hoping to go back anytime soon!