A difficult path is best walked together

by Benedicte

This week has been quite exhausting and strange. I’m still in a little bit of shock of what is happening in Japan right now,  it feels like my world stopped at Friday, and is just starting to go back to normal, barely. And if I feel exhausted and broken hearted,  I can’t imgaine how it must be. I did nothing but watch the news the first three days.

Even if I just lived there for a little while, I feel strongly connected to Japan and regard it as my second home,  and I have many friends living there both Japanese and Norwegian. I was so worried about them. Thankfully they and their families is okay so far, some of them also live in the damanged town, but was not harmed by a chance of luck. The damages is devestating, and the more images I see, the more unreal it becomes.  Like it’s just a hallucination. I just want the bad news to stop and good news starting to appear, such as them getting the nuclear reactors under control.

I participate in a group called “Oslo for Japan” witch is a group made by Japanese studens in Oslo in cooperation with Red Cross. They are having donation activites every day now, usually in front of National Teateret subway station. If you should see one of us in our blue Red Cross vests, please doneate if you can! It’s much appreaciated. It’ makes me happy to see that there is so many people gladly donating and helping out. Red Cross will also be having their own collection the 26th March, you can read more at their homepage.

P4 did a radio interview with three of the Japanese students yesterday, and tonight NRK Dagsrevyen will be sending interviews and footage from the donation activity! Please watch!

You can also support Japan by donation to these organizations.

Oslo for Japan facebook page

Red Cross

Redd Barna

This article links to  oranizations supporting animals in Japan.