The summary of 2010

by Benedicte

This years consists of three completly different parts. First living in japan, then back in norway still studying japanese, then suddenly a whole new life of studying chinese. Feels more like two years in all!

Starting off with a fantastic New Years Eve in Tokyo with Marte and Lisa and hanging around in Tokyo.

Celebrated new years eve at Zojoji temple, with what felt like half a million people or so, visited Ghibli studio, been to Odaiba, met a sumo wrestler, been to a La’cryma Christi concert, ate at a princess themed restaurant with Kine and Yoshi.

The La’cryma concert was a pretty big event to me. Yet I had totally forgot that it actually happened this year, feels like ages ago. xD Anyway it was pretty awesome to see them live again since the festival in october. La’cryma Christi was one the first japanese bands I discovered, and I’ve loved them in so many years. I can believe that I could go to on of their reuion concerts. With my luck they should’ve had their concert after I left of something.

Back in Norway being completely disoriented, starting sentences with “ano” and bowing to shop assistants, trying adjusting back to normal life. I didn’t really miss Japan at all in the beginning, though I missed random helpful people who want to carry your 20kg suitcase even thought they are a 100 years old, yakiniku restaurants, and of course speaking japanese. But I generally enjoyed being back home.

Classes started almost imminently, leaving little time for reminiscence and I worked my ass off with japanese, japanese history and popular culture.

Making this post I have remembered a lot that I had forgot! I can believe I forgot that I went to Poland this year, to visit Katrine! xD


Ffun trips to England with Ane and Wictoria to see Gackt!

But I think the meeting with the opera singer in Convent Garden was the funniest thing this year. xD (see this post)

Returned to England with my familiy, got sick on the trip again, but seeing Wicked the musical was awesome!

I attened my first zombie walk!

The last part of this year began with me starting to study chinese!

Watched about 85 movies. xD I this year I’ve tried to write down all the names of movies that I’ve watched. I really thought I watched more during a whole year, but no, re-watched a whole lot of movies too thought. Must try to reach 100 in 2011! xD The movies/series I loved the most this year was Sherlock Holmes, Phoebe in Wonderland, Witch of the West is Dead, Pushing Daisies, Brother Bear and Tales of Earthsea!


Beautiful autumn this year~

My favorive thing this whole year must have been the Susanne Sundfør concert in the Opera, which was fantastic.


This post suddenly got longer than intened. I first didn’t think I’d had anything to write, but now that I look at it, it’ have been more eventful than other years. @_@ Also my first time being picked up by an ambulance with allergic shock from eating almonds. Quite frightening.

Can’t wait for a whole new year of events!