More than one shade of yellow

by Benedicte

Just how many pictures of leaves do you need to take? Just about enough~

Autumn is slowly starting to fade, and we’re entering the cold colourless in-between seasons time. Time to take refuge inside with drawn curtains, candle light and cinnamon tea.

Pai is also to prefer.

Lisa just recently moved into her own apartment. And being the awesome friends we are, Marte and I bought this awesome house warming gift!

Legendary Tv-cook, Ingrid Espelid Hovig infamous quote.

She’s just beaming over this marvelous gift. The wonders of things you never knew you needed until you got them.

Speaking of gifts. My new earrings. <3

The rest of this post will be featuring leaves.


Ah, our tutors, they come up with the most useful sentences..