Internet shopping frenzy

by Benedicte

I love internett shopping and internett window shopping. Many ask me where I shop and if it’s safe, so I thought I should gather the shops that I often use and have good excperience with~ or .uk

Amazon is the place I by most of my books, a lot cheaper than in norwegian book stores. And if you go together with others when ordering you can split the shipping. You also don’t pay handling for books~


Etsy is amazing. They have everything you can think of. Jewelry, paintings,  textiles, supplies and handmade items. Of course here you deal with different sellers, but I always check that they have good feedback. Most pack their items as gifts so you don’t have to pay the handling~

Sheet music plus

They have hundres of scores and sheets to all kinds of instruments. I love to by my piano sheet music here~

Nuno plus

I’ve have bought fabrics here many times. They have the cutest japaense print fabrics~


Lot’s of cute asian fashion~

Yesjapan and cdjapan

Japanese, Chinese , Korean, Taiwanese cd’s, movies and magazines~

Transdesign, Inc.

Nailpolish haven.  I just discovered it and bough a bulk of brands like, OPI, China Glaze to just 30nok bottle, 5onok per bottle including handling. Absolutely worth it~


Should you need a book, movie, cd or other nick nack sent to you fast and they don’t have it in the usual stores, cdon is perfect, only takes a couple of days. Bought my lovely ds game case there~


They have so many cute accessorities and clothing items. Shop till you drop~ x)

I usually don’t buy clothes on the internet, so I don’t have much experience there. ^^

Well that’s what I can’t think of right now. I’m not very scared to try new places to shop from if it looks decent~ And the best thing is to wait for an exciting package in the mail!