by Benedicte

On thursday I invited my fellow classmates that I went to art and design (k_d) school with almost three years ago!

our usual cupcake parties we try to keep every year!

I’m so happy we have managed to keep in touch in two years after we finnished. They truly are some of my favorite people!

Kristin had doubled up since last time~

she must get tired of people playing “poke the belly” x)

Even Wenke came! <3<3 haven’t seen her in a year or so!

My teacher Marianne came by too. :D

no no no, don’t look at the camera, how am I to play paparazzi then?

new recipe: blueberry cupcake

We sorely missed Angelica and Ingrid that was sick,  but we where almost half the class. Hope we can manage to gather even more next time!