Back to school

by Benedicte

 From Monday on, I’ll officially begin to study Chinese.

Yes, Chinese, and let us get some frequently asked questions off the table straight away to clear off all misconceptions.

  • What happened to Japanese!? – My bachelor grade: language, needs to contain two languages.
  • Why chinese?? – why not.
  • Is chinese the same as Japanese? – no, but the Japanese kanji system consists of chinese characters.
  • Can japanese people speak chinese? –  Sure, if they have studied it.
  • What do you become after studying languages? –  a person who can speak these languages
  • You can become a tourist guide! : D – … if you wish
  • Can you apply to work as a professional interpreter now? –  no.
  • Then what are you going to do with all the languages? – Use them to speak, read and write. Knowledge never hurt anyone.
  • Have you given up your dream about studying design? –  No, but I like to finish the things I start, meaning finishing the  last year of my bachelor grade.
  • Are you going to study design and chinese at the same time?–  No.
  • When you are not going to study design then? – after finishing my bachelor.
  • Why not this autumn? – I was in Japan during applications.

Now it should be clear as a bell.

Anywho, I’m looking forward to this autumn, It’ll be busy, but I’ll rather be busy than anything else, I work better that way. I a lways become a zombie during longer vacations.I’m looking forward hanging with my friends again! I’m not sure how I feel about forgetting all my Japanese and replacing it with Chinese, but hopefully I’ll be able to cling to both of them. @_@ This autumn there’ll be a lot of focus of preparing my portfolio to apply to tailoring/fashion design courses either in scandinavia or england. Lot’s of preparations to do, it’s quite stressing, but I’ve made a huge file containing all the information I just have to make sure, stress isn’t running away with me unnecessarily.

I promise my blog will be far busier from now on. ♥