London II

by Benedicte

Second part of the trip I visited with my family.

It was a nice trip thought it didn’t go exactly as  planned as I became sick and didn’t really feel like managing anything. >.<

Though we wandered around to places such as Oxford and Kingston, and I took some pictures. Also we went to see musicals! <3

There really isn’t anything interesting to mention except that we saw the musicals We Will Rock You and Wicked:

We will Rock You the muscial with Queen music. It’s set in the future and soulless electronic pop music has taken over the earth… Thougth it was awesome and the atmostphere in the audience was great. ^

I LOVED Wicked, It was fantastic! A spin-off of the Wizard of Oz story, about the wicked witch’s past. I had not heard anything about it until I saw it, not being so familiar with the Oz story, and I didn’t recognize any of the songs, but it was purly enjoyable to watch, the story was adorable, the jokes hillarious and the performers where outstanding. A must see for anyone visiting London. <3

Returned home with fever and a cold on the plane. >.< and have been sick since, want to recover soon so that I can post something more fun!