20 artists~

by Benedicte

I’ve been neglecting this blog out of being busy. But now I’ll make up for that but presenting a  20 of my favorite artists with a variety of genres~ warning shamless praise of presented artists. ♥  Also, click name to get to their homepage  or lastfm site.  ^^

1. Au Revoir Simone

Sweet dreamlike synth-pop group from Brooklyn.

2. Beirut

The first thing that hit me was Zach Condon’s fantastic voice. And then accompanied by a wonderful varity of balkan inspired music maked Beirut one of my favorite bands just after a few listenings.

3. Ben Folds Five

When my friend showed me this band 7 years ago it became an instant favorite of mine and still is. Ben Folds Five and later just Ben Folds, juggles rock music accompanied by extraordinary piano playing with non-sense lyrics and the more philosophical songs. How can you not love this band?

4.  Carpark North

Danish rock band with an awesome discography. Loved them for years~

5. Emilie Simon

Sweet, spicy, dreamlike, melodic, electronic, flora, dark, light. I don’t think there’s and adjective describing Emilie Simon’s music, all I know is that I’ve adored and been inspired by here since the first time I heard Flear de Saison. This french electronica/pop singer with a voice that is said to resemble Kate Bush covers them all. Give it a shot and listen to all her albums as they differ quite a lot.

6. Kalafina

Kalafina is a project of the japanese anime/game composer Kaijura Yuki.  Blends the usual Kaijura mix, opera, pop, rock, and techno into awesome music.

7. Camille Saint-Saëns

Those already familiar with this name will associate him with the famous works Danse  Macabre and Carnival of The Animals. One of my favorites is beautiful The Aquarium.

8. Maaya  Sakamoto

I’ve listened to the Japanese singer since high school and still adore her songs and voice that goes from high to low and every range inbetween, and her wonderful projects with Yoko Kanno.

9.  Origa

Russian operasinger know for her projects with Yoko Kanno. Origa has an quality voice you rarely hear, stunningly beautiful singing.

10. Steve Conte

Steve Conte, many may know him as guitarist for the New York Dolls, but I discovered him first after hearing Rain from the anime Cowboy Bebop and after that all the songs I found from him made me adore him more and more. Many projects with Yoko Kanno, The Contes and The Crazy Truth show each a different side of his music, a must hear~

11. Sufjan Stevens

Multi-artist singing songs of the unusual, better to listen than read~

12.  The SuperVC

Or 果味VC as this chinese rock band may also be know. Listen up to these boys with the beatles hairdos~

13. The Bird and The Bee

Pop-duo from Los Angeles I would love to show you all their songs, but you’ll have to look for them yourself, absolutely worth listening too~

14. Dionysos

French rock band with music perfect for a Tim Burton movie. ~

15. Yann Tiersen

It’s an understatment to say that I adore the most perfect man Yann Tiersen. If we could keep just one musician on earth, It would have to bee Tiersen. 8) Most famous for the soundtrack to the  Amelie, but have plenty of other mindblowing works~  I’d like to present to you a piece from his newest CDs Tabarly.

16. Merry

Merry! One of my all times favorite j-rock bands~ Saw them front row at V-rock festival 2009! 8D~

17. Silje Nergaard

Silje is one of my favorite norwegian singers~

18. Ella Fitzgerald

I still get surprised when I hear about people who still haven’t heard a Ella song, so I wanted to bring her here. There’s no ecxuse to never have listened to this fantastic lady~

19.  Kokia

The japanese opera singer Kokia have an extraordinary voice~

20. Mecano

To end it all is the spanish pop group Mecano. I haven’t listned much to their songs, but The song Hiji de la Luna is so beautiful I had to post it~ (never mind the final fantasy video ^^; )