by Benedicte is one of the best sites out there for buying and selling handmade items  and supplies for your own handmade things from all over the world.

Creative people from all over offer an extremely wide range of all different kind of things. If you are looking for a nice gift or inspiration Etsy is definitively the place to go ^o^

Daily handpicked items and seller presentation. Shop by colour,  location or categories (geekery is a must see. x3). Textiles, jewelry, sculpture, photographs,  clothing, beads, glass, dolls, paper, paintings, curiosities, vintage is just a  few keyfrases of what you can find on Etsy.

I want to present some of my own personal favorites and examples on what you can find.  Click on the links to go to the shops.

Etsy’s own little commerical. ^^

It’s  simply impossible to show what etsy an offer by a few pictures, please go and check for yourself right here